Hundreds of customers have joined ColumbusSoft and use our solutions to build their businesses. Our cloud computing platform provides the flexibility to build your application, your way, regardless of your use case or industry. You can save time, money, and let us manage your techy stuff while you focus on your business, without compromising scalability, security, or dependability.

Our Solutions include but are not limited to:

  • Websites & Mobile Apps

    To put it plain and simple, we do everything your website needs. We build websites with the cutting edge technologies, and this is what makes us different. We are years ahead of most companies in technology, and will put your websites impression, performance and technology years ahead of your competitors. We can build, host, maintain and scale your application.

  • Backup, Recovery & Archiving

    Lost files and system failures can paralyze a project. That's why having a contingency plan is crucial. ColumbusSoft safeguards your business by helping to protect the important files your website or application needs. Quickly get back to normal operations by rapidly restoring files after a system failure or file loss. Your databases will contain 2 slaves in different regions copying them live, while we also take snapshots of your database and files daily. We then store them into our Simple Storage Service, where eventually they can optionally be archived on Tapes for ever.

  • Emergency

    ColumbusSoft's experienced team can recover down servers, crashed databases, unresponsive networks, hacked systems and many other disasters. We can restore hard drives, web servers, networks, databases and no one situation is the same and our team will come up with a plan and with the help of different experts in programming, mathematics, databases, system admins and as a team we can restore your business within a short duration of time, and we don't stop there, with a permanent fix we give you optimum results increasing your return on investment and making your operations more cost effective.

  • Algorithms & Custom Software

    We use a unique methodology for solving scientific and technical problems that we have developed through our years of work in software development and implementation for commercial use. Using this proprietary method of task analysis, we provide breakthrough solutions for our clients' technical and scientific activities. We have repeatedly and successfully applied our unique methodology on projects for past and current clients in the US. Therefore, we can guarantee the same consistent and high quality results to our future clients.

  • Monotization / E-Commerce

    ColumbusSoft is one of the most active, engaging and helpful companies you'll come to find with hundreds of online businesses, and growing! And we manage to keep a personal relationship with each client by assigning you own personal contact at the company that you can contact anytime via email, phone and text messaging. We want YOU to be one of our next success stories and know you will absolutely love ColumbusSoft. And best of all, it is completely FREE to get your business rolling. Get a beautiful websites with hosting, live help and support, and access to hundreds of tools we provide.

  • Datamining Spiders

    ColumbusSoft provides a range of integrated spiders, bots and crawlers for data-mining solutions across the entire value chain from exploration field work, database storage, resource modelling and all levels of mine planning from strategic optimization to detailed design and short term decision-making. We have created software that automated the tasks of hundreds of businesses by having bots do the copy and paste work to more complicated algorithms for immediate reactions to change of public information for lawyers and health organizations to powerful news agencies such as "The Bipartisan Report".

  • Social Networking

    Want to create your own social website or online community with forums, walls, profiles, groups, communities, chat, webcams, photos and albums and everything? We have built many software that helps you build your own custom social network website. Advanced social networking features include blogs, photo albums, user groups and forums, providing complete control over the layout and functionality of your social network, community, forum, or portal. Check out our Company Portfolio for some of our social network clients.

  • Gaming & Gamification

    There's a relatively new way to engage a distracted audience, but the techniques have been around for decades. Strategic gamification is based on 30 years of engagement wins in the world of gaming. For three decades many of the brightest bulbs in communication, tech and design were turned on by the games industry. They invented new techniques to captivate and retain as they built an $80B industry. We can help!

  • Media and Entertainment

    ColumbusSoft provides the infrastructure to enable modern media organizations to reach their customers across their devices. We provide the tools to help you ingest, store, process, and deliver your content to customers worldwide with highly scalable, secured, and low-cost cloud-base services. From image optimization, transcoding and content delivery networks to dynamic video streaming per device and speed. We have many clients from Dating websites and Photographers to big high traffic websites such as IndieFlix.

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